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May 2016

Thank you for your participation in the
2015 Let Freedom Ring Choir!
See you next year
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The Lewistown Community Band is always looking for new opportunities to perform for you.
We can offer you a public or private performance, indoor or outdoor. Although we do not charge for our performances, the band depends on your generous donations to fund the purchase of new music and other costs necessary to keep the band running.

For more information or to hire the band, please contact Joyce Ann Hutchinson at 717-994-1988 or e-mail at sweeta123@comcast.net

Located in Lewistown Pennsylvania, the bands of Lewistown have an illustrious history, dating back to 1829 when the first canal boat, "The Juniata", arrived in Lewistown to the shouts of the populace and the cheering music of the Lewistown Band, which was onboard. During the coming decades many businesses, such as Standard Steel, and organizations, such as fire companies and boy scouts, had their musicians unite to provide appropriate music for community events and celebrations.
In 1939 Palmer MItchell started the local VFW Band with 14 musicians that would soon grow into a roster of sixty-six members, winning in competition the title of Pennsylvania State Champion Senior  VFW Band by 1941, The group then evolved during the 1950's into the Elks Band, under the direction of Eugene Mitchell.

After years of silence, the musicians of the area were reorganized in the 1980's under the direction of MIchael Wasilko and Phillip Wysocki as the Mifflin County Community Band. That endeavor lasted two years. In 1991 these two directors, with the help of Arthur Belfiore, revived the Elks Band, which has evolved into the present day Lewistown Community Band. The Band continues to grow, and is currently under the direction of Peter Marsh and assistant director Terry Lee Lewis.

The Lewistown Community Band is a traditional concert band made up of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. We invite those who currently play or have played a band instrument to take part. Although we are mainly composed of post high school adults, high school juniors and seniors who are recommended by their instructors have found sucess with our repertoire, which covers Broadway, Television, Movies, Marches, Jazz, Sacred, and Classical styles.

All instruments are needed, and no audition is required.

Maybe it's been a few years since you played. That's OK, just clean up the old horn.
A pad or two, some reeds or a few drops of valve oil and come to a few
rehearsals. It will come back to you and you'll have fun.

We rehearse Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm, usually starting in April, and perform a number of concerts throughout the summer months, ending our concert season in late August. The band takes a short break and starts rehearsing again in October to prepare for our Holiday Concerts.

You can check our schedule page for the latest concert dates and rehearsal times.

So come on and join the fun of the Lewistown Community Band!
For further information about joining contact Freda Richard at 717-242-2344
or e-mail her at farfcr@verizon.net

You'll be glad you did!

​Coming Soon!
April 20
7PM Mifflin County Middle School
MCLibrary Benefit Concert
May 20
10AM Lewistown Library
Faith Festival
June 5
7PM Beaver Springs Concert
June 10
Relay for Life Kish Park
June 25
7PM Milroy Church
July 2, 7PM (raindate)
Let Freedom Ring Concert
Downtown Lewistown
July 16
7:00 PM
 Mcveytown Presbyterian Church
raindate July 23
July 30
7PM Church of the Brethren Burnham
August 1
8:30PM Fayetteville Carnival
August 9
7:00PM Valley View
August 19
3:00PM Season Finale Concert Kish Park
November 30
2017 Festival Of Ice Concert
Old Courthouse On the Square,
December 9
Sounds of the Season Concert Mifflin County High School

​Coming Soon!