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June 03, 2013 at Haines Park, Beaver Springs
In the beginning...1991 Group Photo2008 Group Photo2009 Group Photo2011 Group Photo2012 Group Photo
Lewistown Community Band Group Photos
June 08, 2013 Relay for Life at Kish Park, Lewistown
June 08, 2013 - Relay for Life Concert at Kish ParkCole gets the music ready.
I'm sad because my entourage isn't with me today.Tuner-woman to the rescue!Maybe if we toiok the reed out and tried a 2x4?
June 08, 2013 More Relay for Life Pictures! Thanks to Pete Marsh for these!
June 23, 2013  at White Memorial Church, Reedsville
Apparently someone left his camera unattended near the drummers
And we're inside, due to threatening skiesTerry conducts...... while Pete joins the percussion section for Golden Age of BroadwayFred. Ice cream. Need we say more?
June 24, 2013 Rehearsal with The Let Freedom Ring Choir
July 05, 2013 The Let Freedom Ring Concert, Downtown Lewistown
July 05, 2013 More Let Freedom Ring Concert Pictures! Thanks to Carrol Norton for these!
July 14, 2013 McVeytown Presybyterian Church, Mcveytown
July 27, 2013 Ohesson Manor Concert, Lewistown
July 30, 2013  Fayetteville Carnival, McAlisterville
August 07, 2013 Valley View Village, Belleville
August 18, 2013  Season Finale Concert and Picnic, Calvary Bible Church and Kish Park
2013 Holiday Concert Rehearsals
December 05, 2013  Lewistown Festival of Ice Concert
December 07, 2013  Mifflin County High School Holiday Concert
"Hey, who's the hot chick playing the flute?"
Don't know who took this pic, but I'm swiping it for the webpage. Thanks!
December 07, 2013  Mifflin County High School Holiday Concert - The High School Groups
June 29, 2014  White Memorial Church,  Reedsville
June 30, 2014  Rehearsal for Let Freedom Ring Concert - Choir and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Singers
July 05, 2014  Let Freedom Ring Concert, Lewistown
July 20, 2014  McVeytown Presbyterian Church, McVeytown
August 17, 2014  Season Finale Concert and Picnic, Kish Park
December 04, 2014  Festival Of Ice Concert, Lewistown
December 04, 2014  Mifflin County High School Holiday Concert, Lewistown
Rehearsal Pics
June 06, 2015  Faith Festival at Rec Park, Lewistown   set 1
June 08, 2015  Rehearsal at St. John's, Lewistown    (Thanks, Freda!)
June 06, 2015  Faith Festival at Rec Park, Lewistown   set 2
June 28, 2015  Ice Cream Social, White Memorial Church, Reedsville
Marge and her notes.Ice Cream!Ice Cream!
Ice Cream!Ice Cream!Ice Cream!How did that get in here?
July 3, 2015  Let Freedom Ring Concert,  Downtown Lewistown
July 12, 2015  McVeytown Presbyterian Church, McVeytown
July 28, 2015  Fayetteville Carnival, McAlisterville
August 5, 2015  Valley View Village, Belleville
August 16, 2015 Season Finale Concert and Band Picnic,  Kish Park, Lewistown
August 16, 2015 More Band Picnic pictures,  Kish Park, Lewistown (Thank You Joan Loewen!)
December 03, 2015 Festival of Ice Concert, Lewistown
December 12, 2015 Sounds of the Season Concert
December 12, 2015 Sounds of the Season Mifflin County High School Student Groups
April 25, 2016   Rehearsal for Friends of the Library Concert